Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing our core activity, is to meet the most demanding supply chain challenges when any High-Tech companies need to find quickly the right p roducts at the best price from a stable partner.



 After a precise customer need analysis and inquiry qualification, based on our customer requirements, we drive on their behalf:

  • Global Market investigations,
  • Product Identification,
  • Qualifications and Selection of the best supplier around the world.


Why Fantastic Sourcing?

Global Sourcing is to benefit from territorial comparative advantage & product availability. Collaborating with a stable partner enable you to benefit from a continuous support by a recognized team and optimum payment terms.

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  • Shorten lead-time
  • Locate stocks directly at the source
  • Reduce intermediaries cost
  • Control Quality
  • Improve your benefit


Benefit from Comparative Advantage

COST and QUALITY being the most important criteria for your product, FantastIC Sourcing continuously monitors Global Markets to secure your supply chain rolling and enable you benefiting from territorial Comparative Advantage with confidence when Quality is the center point of your company policy:

  • When manufacturers impose fixed price policy in different countries, we are free and independent to buy the products you need at the lowest prices in any country.
  • Finding the source directly, you obtain reduced prices eliminating addition of taxes, shipping costs and intermediaries added margins.
  • When seeking to reduce long lead-time or prevent material shortage, allocation & obsolescence, our teams investigate globally to locate stock availabilities.