Functional testing

Key function testing & additional verification by External certified Laboratories (please ask for more info & quote)


  • Packing / External visual inspection (MSL; ESD)
  • Construction analysis, Physical dimension compliance
  • Key function test, go/no go, Failure mechanism analysis
  • Electrical / magnetical compliance
  • X-Rays radiography (MIL-STD-883G method 2012.7) and die authenticity verification; Figure 3
  • Sampling according to NFX06-022 level S-3 for external visual test and X-Rays radiography.
  • External visual. (MIL-STD-883G method 2009.9)
  • Solderability test of 3 parts by dipping each side (J-STD-002C, test A).
  • Acoustic Microscopy: (J-STD-020C).Figure 4
  • Baking from -65°C to 125°C
  • Top scanning
  • Device decapsulation and internal visual Die marking verification (MIL-STD-883G method 2010.11)
  • Cross section and SEM observation (figure 5)
  • Wire pull test performed (MIL-STD-883G method 2011.7)
  • Aerospace or Industrial certification options



Figure 3: X-Rays radiography



Figure 4: Die Marking verification



Figure 5: Acoustic microscopy (Top scanning)



Figure 6: SEM views