Smart grid devices & systems

Solutions and smart power systems for intelligent use of energy.
Innovative advanced semiconductor technologies & products

Specifically, a "smart" grid must be capable of providing power from multiple distributed sources (ex: wind turbines, concentrating solar power systems, photovoltaic panels and perhaps even plug-in hybrid electric vehicles). Moreover, since all renewable energy sources invented so far vary greatly with time, a smart grid must be capable of flexibly storing electric power for later use (in batteries, super-capacitors or flywheels) or again even in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Last but not least, to improve power reliability a smart grid must make use of new and highly sophisticated adaptive generation and distribution control algorithms and systems.

This is where the most advanced manufacturers of such equipments reply on strategic supplies of the most innovative and reliable components and systems. FantastiC Sourcing is continuously investigating markets and innovation, offering the most advanced technology & solutions within the shortest leadtime.

The specific smart grid technologies supplied by FantastIC Sourcing are grouped into the following areas:

Integrated Communications include data acquisition, protection, and control, and enable users to interact with intelligent electronic devices in an integrated system.

Sensing and Measurement technologies support acquiring data to evaluate the health and integrity of the grid and support automatic meter reading, elimination of billing estimates, and prevent energy theft.

Advanced Components are used to determine the electrical behavior of the grid and can be applied in either standalone applications or connected together to create complex systems such as microg rids.

Fantastic Sourcing offers availability & affordability of these components (power electronics, superconductivity, materials, chemistry, and microelectronics).