Assembly Services

Electronic manufacturing services

Since 2004, FICS has produced advanced electronics for the professional electronics industry in the medical, telecommunications and alarm industry, and also for the network systems for the IT industry.

With 500 m2 modern production facilities, climate control, anti-static measures and a full Siemens assembly line, we have all the necessary conditions to provides the framework for the modern electronics manufacturing.

The emphasis is on small and medium scale assembly and proto-typing according to customer specifications and the company offers to stand for the entire logistics with regard to procurement, storage, production and shipping.

FICS has a large network of French and foreign suppliers of components, plastics, mechanics, printing, sheets, coils, etc. and offers thereby complete solutions in electronics and mechanics.

Our goal is the continuous optimization of quality, service, time and cost for our products and services on the market and we will do everything in our power to make sure to always deliver the best possible quality and service.

The continous improvement of our services are there to be for the benefit of our customers and this goal, the company also obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The highest customer satisfaction though convincing quality and top service is our main priority!

We live in a culture in which you will feel comfortable and in which the tasks are clear and achievable. Openness, fairness and respect in a team largely determine the success of our company. In everything we do, we want only the best. Development, deployment, and production will be of the highest quality. With superior service and best support we stand out by an array of services from normal production.

Try us out and see for yourselves what our competences are and which high level of service we can provide.

Please contact us for further information regarding our assembly services and let us see if we can become a good partner for you in your small to medium sized electronics productions.